• The theme "flawed is the new black" derived from the saying in the fashion world. When something is in season like "leopard print", it is the new black because black is considered to be in style all season


  • Our flaws may seem abnormal, but we believe that God desires to make our imperfections, mistakes  and shortcomings "the new black". Paul reminded us in 2 Corinthians 12:9, God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. We encourage you to recognize your flaws and celebrate the life-changing power of God working in your life. Flawed is the new black!


  • The purpose of the Generational Impact (GI) panel discussion is to create a platform where people of all generations and backgrounds can discuss today's issues and find common ground on how the church can effectively minister and connect to an increasingly diverse and complicated world.


  • The purpose of the conference is to show youth and young adults that God has created each of us to be unique with our own talent and flavor to be used to serve others in and outside of our churches.  God wants us to use our creativity or flavor, whether it be dancing, acting or even modeling, to glorify Him.





Some of the topics will be:


Social injustice

Low self esteem




Serving community

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